Development Development

Haml is maintained by me, Norman Clarke, and I greatly appreciate any help I can get. The official repository is on GitHub and most development discussion happens on the mailing list.

Bugs and Features

If you've found a Haml bug, or you have something you'd like to see in the language, by all means speak up! Report it on the issue tracker and I'll try to follow up with you as soon as I can. Please include the following information in your report:

The more information you can provide, the faster it'll be to fix your bug!


While bug reports and feature requests are great, actual code fixing the bugs or implementing the features is even better. If you've got some code to contribute, first read the information below, then fork the Haml repository and send a pull request. I'll do a code review of your patch, and then chances are good I'll merge it right in.

Haml has two primary branches. stable is where the development of the released version (currently 6.1.1) takes place. This is where most bug fixes should go. Master, on the other hand, is where the next version of Haml is being developed. This is the place for new features. Please submit your changes to the appropriate branch.

When Making a Patch, Please: